Crema alla Mandorla, Almond Cream Topping, Mandorlino, Sicily (0.66 lb)

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Crema alla Mandorla is a Natural flavored cream, professionally used in Specialty Coffee drinks and desserts.

Experience the rich flavor of our Sicilian Creams, flavored topping sauce, suitable for garnishing desserts and flavoring hot beverages. Drizzle and elevate your dessert to the next level.

Our Sicilian Creams come in a range of 5 flavors:

-Pistacchino crema al Pistacchio

-Mandorlino crema alla Mandorla Tostata

-Gianduino crema alla Gianduia

-Nocciolino crema alla Nocciola

-Orangino crema all’Arancia rossa

Created for Coffee Experts and Pastry Chefs.

This topping sauce is so dense and rich in flavour that can be used to create unique espresso based recipes. Our Sicilian Creams can turn a traditional espresso into a delightful experience.