Posted by Nonna G on Jun 9th 2021

This Italian classic is thought to originate from the Island of Capri. The first origin story for Caprese salad dates back to post-World War I Italy. A patriotic mason wanted to make a dish that was a true tribute to Italy and that visually incorporated the tricolor into the presentation: Green (basil) White (mozzarella) and Red (tomatoes)

The Salad Caprese is considered a summer dish, in part to the ingredients being in season at that time, specifically the tomatoes. What makes caprese so amazing is its simplicity, traditionally using only 4 ingredients of buffalo mozzarella (Mozzarella di bufala), basil, tomato and extra virgin olive oil. 

There is caprese salad, the original, Caprese sandwich, And Caprese pasta ! Watch this video to see my Pasta Caprese recipe, using a type of pasta called Paccheri