Fregola Sarda, La Casa del Grano, 1.1 lb (500g)

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Fregola Sarda is one of the oldest typical Sardinian pasta that takes shape by wetting with water the semolina contained in a terracotta container (the characteristic "scivedda") and subjecting it to the hands with a circular movement until you obtain small balls of pasta from the shape irregular. The small balls were differentiated into small, medium, large, and then roasted in the oven to give it the browning and the characteristic flavor.

La Casa Del Grano manufactures some of the finest pasta in the world, using only lab-analyzed wheat semolina. It combines the use of modern technology with traditional means of production, resulting in an authentic taste, appetizing flavor, and excellent volume even after cooking!

Contain no preservatives.

Fregola Sarda Medium Size by La Casa del Grano (500 gram)


Net weight 1 lb, (453 gr)

Cooking time 16min (14min al dente)

Product of Italy